App’s core features

Get a real-time view of your opportunities

The Ohno Circles App brings together one of the principles of Lean and smart technologies creating a platform onto which the foundation of continuous improvement is built. Observation in the first instance and an effective means of capturing and recording the wastes and improvement potential within any business, industry and organisation. It creates a framework and the potential for multiple users to aggregate opportunities by facility, area and processes to collaborate on what improvements to implement.To then plan kaizen activities to bring improvements to fruition, ensuring continuous improvement supports the business culture given the competitive world we have today. It also supports the need that executive management teams have often battled with and that is what are my Continuous Improvement team is doing to improve business operations. By retaining the basic observation data as well as the history of improvements made for executive management and feedback sessions.Try it, you will be surprised to see how Ohno Circles becomes part of your Gemba Walk.